DStv Installation Kempton Park

Looking to Hire cheap DStv installation Near Me in Kempton park services.?

We have DStv-certified installers Kempton park who are well-known for completing fast and reliable Dstv TV repair services. In addition to being experienced, our technicians are also professional . If you want an excellent HD picture quality on your Dstv TV set then contact us. Our range of affordable service includes DStv installation, DStv repair, and DStv upgrade.

Why Do you Need Qualified DSTV Installation In Kempton Park?

DSTV Installation Kempton Park. Welcome to DSTV installation Kempton Park. We offer a wide range of products and services to both local residents and commercial business owners in Kempton Park. From premium Sports, endless Movies, TV Series, Box Sets, Documentaries and more. Our DSTV Packages provide the very best in unrivalled home entertainment.

Fox satellites Dstv Installation Kempton Park gives cheap DStv installation services around Kempton Park on a daily basis. We have reliable DStv technicians who can expertly diagnose and restore the DStv signal in the shortest time possible. We have the lowest comeback rate in the industry because we don’t take Short-Cuts!. Only the best DStv installers do installations in Kempton Park. Whether it is a new DSTV dish installation or a simple repair or alignment to your current DStv Installation in Kempton Park. There is no job too large for us to complete and we provide additional services like TV Wall Mounting, Signal Repair, Dish Alignment and more


What are most common DStv Signal Problems and Errors?

The most common repair services that are encountered in DSTV setups are signal errors and small repair errors. The first signal error is error code e48-32. This error is caused by old or defective equipment. Sometimes, the error can be caused by disturbances or interference of the dish by the weather. However, the DStv E48-32 no signal error should not be confused with the “No Signal” error that your TV shows if there is nothing connected to it. This notification normally tells you to check your TV source.

We use the approved tools to align your satellite dish correctly. This is so because we want you to get the best signal for your decoder. This allows you to watch HD channels that are free from scrambled pictures. This issue is common with DSTV Installations in Kempton Park. Therefore because of bad and wet weather which cause rust on the dish and ruin the aerial cable. Tracing the cause of this error can be tricky if you do not have an expert to assess the fault. The other error is error e143-4. This is an error where the other decoders can not receive a signal from the primary decoders. The error is available only on the Extra view setup.

Fox Satellite Services Includes


OVHD Installation


Signal Correction


DSTV Installation


XtraView Setup

dstv over fibre

DSTV over Fibre


Smart LNB


Home Theatre Setup


DSTV Cabling


CCTV Installation


Dish Relocation

New DSTV & Satellite Installations

Getting started couldn’t be easier. As a leading company in Kempton Park, we offer a wide range of Digital TV products, hardware and services to suit all needs. Choose between Openview HD or DSTV South Africa for outstanding and unrivalled entertainment for the whole family.

Adhering to only the highest standards that one would expect from an Accredited DSTV installerAccredited DSTV installer, we ensure a quality, robust and problem free installation, paying close attention to correct Dish Alignment for flawless, uninterrupted picture quality. We use only the highest quality components, cabling & LNB’s and will install your new system anywhere in your home or business premises.

How does Dstv Extra View Setup Work?

Do you know that you can link 2 or 3 decoders under a single subscription using DStv extra view? This enables you to pay a single subscription plus an access fee of R150 for each extra decoder you add to the extra view. But, you need an accredited installer to connect your decoders so that you will not experience the E143 error.

TV Wall Mounting

Spare yourself the trouble of mounting your TV on the wall by hiring us. We know the best places to get the right bracket that fits your TV. All you have to do is to tell us your TV size and where you want it to be mounted. Our technicians will take care of the rest. You can either buy your own bracket or our technicians can bring you one.

What is Faulty LNB Replacements?

Over time, the material that makes up the LNB will ultimately become brittle. This is so because the LNB stays in direct sunlight. When the LNB eventually breaks, water can seep into the LNB causing your decoder to lose signal.
At Fox satellites, we stock and supply all kinds of LNBs. So, if you want to replace the eye on the dish then give us a shout. We promise to supply an LNB that us durable.

CCTV Installations

Get a CCTV Camera Installation specialist in Kempton Park. We offer a vast range of products and install various types of security systems based on the needs of our clients. Get in touch with one of our CCTV installers today.

DStv Approved Installers in Kempton Park

Our DStv installers who work in Kempton Park are certified. Since our technicians attend training workshops regularly, they always have the latest information on setting up your DStv.

Using an approved installer means your DStv connection will always be done correctly. The use of the right tools will minimize the occurrence of DStv signal strength and quality problems making your setup robust.
If you are looking for an approved DStv installation Kempton Park technician who works in Kempton Park then hire us. You can either call us at 0710088579 We promise to send you a skilled DStv installer who will do a good job.

Why do you need Affordable Explora DStv Installers Around in Kempton Park?

DStv Explora installation services in Kempton Park
If you have recently bought a new DStv Explora decoder and you want a technician to connect it then hire us. We have skilled satellite dish installers who can help you set up your decoder so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience.

Multichoice advises hiring a skilled DStv installer when setting up an Explora decoder. This is so because the Explora decoder needs the best DStv signal to perform PVR functions, DStv Catchup, and services such as Showmax. If you need help with setting up your Explora decoder then make your appointment. You can call us at 0710088579 or leave us a message.

Will also help you with Streaming services

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